BetterZip 5

  • BetterZip can create archives with these formats: ZIP, DMG, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TXZ, TZ, Zstandard, Brotli, 7-ZIP, XAR, and — using the external commandline utility — RAR.
  • Modify archives: Open an archive and add, delete, rename, and edit files. It's super easy.
  • Compatibility: Have BetterZip remove Mac specific files from archives for archives that look and behave well on Windows.
  • Edit archived files in an external application and BetterZip can save the changes back and update your archive.
  • BetterZip's password manager can collect a list of archive passwords in a securely encrypted password vault and use them automatically whenever you open an encrypted archive.
  • BetterZip features a password generator similar to Safari's. Let BetterZip suggest strong passwords whenever needed.
  • Finder and Sharing

    • The new BetterZip menu in Finder's contextual menus gives you access to all your presets to compress or extract with preconfigured options.
    • The Finder extension also adds a button in the Finder’s toolbar. Select some files in Finder, click the BetterZip button and choose one of your presets from the drop-down menu to create an archive with these files. Of course, you can also invoke any of your extraction presets on selected archives.
    • BetterZip 5 adds a sharing extension to macOS' Sharing menu that lets you compress documents from inside other apps.
    • BetterZip 5 itself has a Share button to send an archive to one of macOS' share targets, e.g., attach it to an email or upload it to a cloud storage service.
    • BetterZip allows you to add configurable services to macOS' Services menu.

    Download here: BetterZip 5